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Twist front Dress

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Multicolored kimono


The legendary CEDAR PLANET KIMONO is back in stock👍👍😁
This time two year ago i made this kimono never knowing it would have this much attention/sales
It took me 2years to find this fabric again. I just had to look for it,cause it was getting so much demand.
So here it is again. Please get yours now cause if it runs out of stock again I can’t guarantee getting it.

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Makeup Brush and Tools Apron


Calling all professional Makeup artist,please get in here.

So I made this brush/tool apron by myself, out of the need to make my work easier and faster.I wanted my tools closer to me for easy access instead of having to stretch to get my brush and tools, there by making my work faster and save time.
This brush bag is made of two section, the top section and the bottom section. I put my eye and lip brushes at the top and then the powder/larger brushes below(at least that how I use mine, you can use yours different to suit you)
This brush apron gives a very professional look and helps you stay organized and chic. Every single time I go on a makeup job and put this apron on I get expressions like “ah ah professional”, “wow I’ve never seen this” 😀etc.
On this Apron, there are 20 slots and 5 pockets. One slot can hold up to 3-4 large brushes and up to 10 eye/lip brushes(as seen in the photo uploaded. I made it this way because we as makeup artist accumulate different brand of brushes as we go on with business; So you can fit almost all your brush in this apron.
To protect the brushes after use, you can fold the apron into a little pouch(as seen in the photo uploaded)
Also,the fabric used in making the apron is easy to clean and very durable.
If you are a professional makeup artist then you really need this Apron in your business😊 Trust me,it’s money well spent.

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Ella Dress

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Judith suit

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Skin Even-ing Face Wash


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